In Diplomacy We Trust

11-13 JANUARY,2019




Most distinguished participants,
As the Secretary General of the conference I have the honour of declaring that the time has eventually came for MUNAOAL'20. In our conference we offer our participants 6 committees in total which ensure joy as well as an unforgettable academic experience. As the Secretary General my main vision for this conference has always been, organizing a MUN with the best academic team that I can bring together. Our participants will be guided by the best academic team. As the Secretary General. Our mission is encouraging our delegates to seek for comprehensive solutions for the future of our happiness and the world. The delegates will focus on the problems that we determine for the agenda's. The contributions of every single delegate will definitely bring in other priceless dimensions to the issues are to be discussed. I'm sure that you will have the best academic team and the best academic experience you will have. Apply Now.